Recent Updates

Overview of current status (as of 6/11/24)


HB5507 AN ACT CONCERNING STATE AGENCY AND COURT PROCEEDINGS RELATING TO ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION LINES - after passing in both the House and the Senate, Governor Lamont signed this bill into law on 6/11/24! This legislation is aimed at addressing some of the many deficiencies and unfair practices we encountered during the Docket #516 proceedings.  Some of these reforms include:

This bill will be beneficial to our entire state, but it will be particularly impactful to Fairfield and Bridgeport in the event of a favorable outcome from our Superior Court appeal - if UI is mandated to restart the process with a fresh application to the Siting Council, any legislative reforms enacted will be applicable.

Project Status

On 2/16/24, The Siting Council released their FINAL Decision and Order and the Council voted to approve the application but split the proposal in UI's application such that the segment from Ash Creek through Bridgeport will be submitted as a separate petition while the segment from Sasco Creek to Ash Creek will involve an alternative route loosely defined by the Siting Council as being situated on the north side of the railroad tracks.  Until UI is able to create an engineered design for this new alternative route, the impacts to our community will remain unclear, but it is likely that this route will involve easements affecting some Fairfield property owners on the north side of the railroad tracks.

During the last week of March, the Town of Fairfield, the City of Bridgeport, BJ's Wholesale Club and SCNETI all filed appeals in Superior Court against the Siting Council's decision. SCNETI and the Town of Fairfield primarily assert the following two arguments:

Previous Updates

11/28/23                 The Siting Council announced an additional 12/12 Evidentiary Hearing - see the Events page for details!

11/22/23                 The City of Bridgeport files for intervenor/party status

11/16/23                 At conclusion of 11/16 hearing, Siting Council announces additional 11/28 hearing

11/15/23                 National Trust Joins Fairfield County Fight for Preservation Along Northeast Corridor 

11/15/23                 Fairfield group opposing UI monopole plan gets support from national historic preservation group

11/8/23       The Siting Council announced an additional 11/16 Evidentiary Hearing - see Events page for details!

11/5/23       Over 500 people attended our UI Opposition Rally at the Pequot library

10/28/23       UI issued a response indicating they will not withdraw their application and refile, denying the 

10/10 request from our State Delegation to do so

10/17/23     The Siting Council denied motions to extend the timeline but approved additional intervenor requests

10/16/23   Our State Delegation appeals to the Siting Council to extend the timeline

10/15/23 Trinity Episcopal Church joins SCNETI's Advisory Council

10/10/23 Our bi-partisan coalition of government leaders present unified opposition to UI's proposal!

10/6/23 Southport Congregational Church joins SCNETI's Advisory Council

10/4/23 Several hundred people voiced their concerns at UI's Town Hall at Fairfield Warde High School

10/1/23 It was standing room only for our Public Information Session at the Pequot Library!

9/23/23 Two public events were scheduled to share info about the project - see Events page for details

9/21/23 SCNETI was featured on News 12 along with Preservation CT and State Rep Jennifer Leeper

9/19/23 SCNETI secured legal representation in partnership with a few local business owners

9/15/23 SCNETI announces its newly formed Advisory Council - a collaborative relationship with Sasquanaug, The                 Southport  Conservancy and The Pequot Library

8/29/23 The Siting Council approved SCNETI, the Town of Fairfield and 13 other entities for intervenor status

8/24 - 8/25/23 The Town of Fairfield and 13 other entities filed for intervenor status

8/23/23 SCNETI filed for intervenor status related to Docket# 516 with the Siting Council